Mitch Huynh

Mitch Huynh

High doses of caffeine can increase muscle power and endurance, researchers from Coventry University said in a news release.


The scientists said the work could have an impact on how caffeine is used in sports.


"A small increase in performance via caffeine could mean the difference between a gold medal in the Olympics and an also-ran", said lead researcher Dr. Rob James.


Caffeine is not currently listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a banned substance, according to a news release on the new study. Before 2004, there was a level of caffeine athletes could not exceed.


The study tested muscle use in mice at both maximal and sub-maximal levels. Maximal is efforts such as sprinting or weight lifting; sub-maximal covers everyday activity and sports at lower intensities.


A high does of caffeine boosted performance by about 6 percent during both types of activities. Researchers said that effect could be similar in people.

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